Our Favorites

There's a big wide world of South African wines out there, and we can order just about any one of them for you. But if you'd like a quick low-down on what's good, here's a snapshot of our favorites.

Sparkling Wine


The charming Congolese server who recommended Pongracz, told us that we'll never forget this once we can pronounce it.  And he was right - this is a delightful bubbly with enough complexity to match its unusual name. 


Chenin Blanc


Originally from the Loire Valley, Chenin Blanc is one of the most widely planted grapes in South Africa.  This is an easy drinking white wine, perfect to start an evening with some light cheese and crackers, or to pair with seafood and Asian salads.

Sauvignon Blanc

South Africa makes some very good Sauvignon Blancs. At  S$34 per bottle, this dry white wine has hints of tropical fruit, a light herby and slightly sweet citrus finish. Recommended for by the pool on a lazy afternoon with friends. 



This was a pleasant recent discovery from one of our favorite wine farms in South Africa, Backsberg. With apricot, peach and honeysuckle notes it goes very well with seafood dishes, creamy sauces, and Asian curries. 





Boschendal has been making wine since 1685, so they've had all this time to perfect a bottle of Chardonnay that has enough butter in character, just the right blend of  fruit flavors , and boldness, but without the oaky finish. It's our go-to wine for chicken and pork chops.



Pinotage is South Africa's signature grape variety, and the perfect wine for barbeques for its bold flavors and similarities with Shiraz. This one's a real winner for its price, elegant tannins and lovely mix of fruit and mocha notes.




Boschendal Shiraz has less 'plummy' notes than an Australian Shiraz, but still has rich juicy berries. We love this one for its lovely lingering fruit and spicy pepper finish. It's an easy-drinking, Friday night Shiraz.




It was an unforgettable experience to watch Vergenoegd's 200+ ducks parade across the farm after a morning's work. They must be doing a great job as this wine is divine.  Our go-to for a celebration, and we love it for its vanilla undertones and slight smokiness. 


Everyday Red

This is our favorite pizza night wine, It's an easy drinking Cabernet Sauvignon blend that is wonderful to just sip on while watching Netflix, or while waiting for the BBQ (Braai) to be ready. And yes, it's wonderful with BBQ'd meats too!




An Argentinian client was pleasantly surprised that this South African Malbec is as good as what she gets in her hometown of Mendoza. It's our go-to for a steak night, and we then have to try not to drink copious amounts.



Red Blend


This classy cabernet sauvignon blend is like a quietly confident person. Understated, but packed with the right blend of black and red berries, just the right punch, and a lingering finish. I dare say it stands up to a very good French Bordeaux.



This wine needs no introduction. As the name suggests, it is indeed the wine incarnation of a deliciously rich block of 70% dark chocolate. Not quite dessert wine, but with its strong chocolate notes, it might as well take dessert's place on the menu.