Private Wine Tasting
Private Wine Tasting

Private Wine Tasting

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Thinking of something fun to do with friends or for a company event? Book us for a private wine tasting where you'll get to enjoy the company of your friends and learn some wine basics at the same time.

Cherie, our Founder/Director, is a long-time wine enthusiast and is WSET certified. We'll come to any venue of your choice or use our tasting room, and host tutored tastings. Naturally, we are biased towards South African wine, but we also host comparative tastings that include wines from all the best wine regions in the world.

Some of our suggested themes include the following, and we will discuss these options with our clients based on the profile and preferences of the participants;

  • South African Bordeaux Blends vs French Bordeaux
  • Rhone Varieties: South African Rhone blends vs Northern/Southern Rhone
  • Syrah vs Shiraz Comparison: South African Shiraz/Syrah vs Best Examples from Australia, France 
  • New World Pinot Noirs: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA
  • Bubbly, White and All Things Nice: Sparkling Wine and/or White Wine
  • The Dark Side: All the Dark Red Varieties such as Shiraz/Syrah, Malbec, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere

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