"Enter The Dragon" : A Lunar New Year Post


The Lunar New Year is around the corner, and in Singapore that means it's time for the Lo Hei, or the prosperity toss! To get us warmed up in the year of the Dragon, the Wine To Share team came up with a selection of South African wines that best match with the common phrases used during the preparation of the Lo Hei. Let’s brush up on these expressions together accompanied by a glass of wine!

发啊 - Huat Ah

The term “Huat” means prosperity and is often voiced out continuously with great enthusiasm. A bubbly action requires a wine with a bubbly personality. The N.V. Boschendal Brut MCC is a sparkling wine made in the Méthode Tradditionelle style that offers a vibrant and creamy profile. A wine great by itself as you cheer along or snacking with knick-knacks within the tray of togetherness. 

大吉大利 - Da Ji Da Li

“Big luck big profit”. This famous phrase is often expressed during the addition of the citrus fruit of Pomelo or Lime during the Lou Hei. The 2022 Shannon Sanctuary Peak Sauvignon Blanc would be a fantastic representation with it’s citrus forward flavour profile. I wouldn’t mind if a little splash ended up inside the Lou Hei itself!

金龙献瑞 – Jin Long Xian Rui

“Golden dragon bringing auspiciousness”. Blankbottle by Pieter Walser produces the most variety of fun micro cuvées from the various terroirs located in South Africa. This fun little project 2021 Smaug The Magnificent, comes from a plot in the Voor-Paardeberg in Swartland. This varietal blend showcases a fuller bodied profile with spiced ripe flavour, will go fantastic many of the savoury delicacies(example). Let this golden dragon soar!

 招财进宝 - Zhao Cai Jin Bao

“Attracting Wealth and treasures” is normally mentioned whilst sprinkling the pepper and 5 spice powder. The 2017 De Toren Z comes to mind if you enjoy a right bank Bordeaux like red. This black and blueberry fruit drive wine also showcases a well-integrated spice profile and rounded tannins. Opulence and prosperity is written all over!

甜甜蜜蜜 - Tian Tian Mi Mi

Sweet as Honey. One wine pops up and that is the Straw Wine by Mullineux. Chenin blanc grapes harvested at normal ripeness to retain acidity are dried to give in that luscious sweet backbone. We cannot wait for this wine to hit back the shelfs again. In the meantime, if you prefer a sweet wine that has a just a touch of sweetness, try the 2014 Naude Natural Sweet Mourvedre. With a more red fruit forward profile, this wine is super enjoyable with all the golden chocolate coins you'll be gathering this dragon year! 

What are some wines you would personally attach to these phrases? Are there any other phrases out there that you would love to see? Share or let us know what you think via our Instagram posts!

Most importantly, wishing you a Happy New Year 新年快乐 from the Wine To Share team. We hope that you have a fantastic time enjoying the celebrations, and wish you and your loved ones a healthy and prosperous year of the Dragon!