VIP Rewards

Benefits for our valued VIP Customers

Get access to our VIP Rewards Program and get these great rewards! 

For each dollar spent, VIP Club Members earn double the redeemable reward points. For example, spend $1,000, earn 2,000 points and get a $35 voucher. Find out more about our Redemption Vouchers.

Selling out quickly, our wine tasting events are intimate, fun and popular. VIP Club Members get first dibs to these unique special events.

Occasionally we need to free-up some cellar space for new stock. VIP Club Members get a seven-day window to buy the discounted stock before the Warehouse Sale is made public.

For every purchase of 12 non-discounted wines, we throw in a FREE extra bottle of interesting wine for our VIP Club Members to try. It’s our way of saying thanks.         

How it works

If you’d like to join a privileged group of wine aficionados, all you need to do is spend $2000 or more. We will let you know when you qualify. If you have not yet, make sure to sign up for our Rewards Club first.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Sign up to join our Rewards Club. Your account will automatically be upgraded once you become a VIP Customer by spending $2,000 or more with us in 2023;
  • If you are already a VIP Customer, you need to spend $2,000 or more with us in 2023 to maintain your VIP status;
  • Orders must be placed directly via the Wine To Share website - not via other third-party platforms;
  • The free 13th bottle only applies to orders of 12 bottles or more. All 12 bottles must be part of the same order, with the same delivery address in Singapore;
  • The free 13th bottle offer does not apply to any discounted orders, special prices or at sales at events. It only applies to orders placed at standard retail prices via the Wine To Share website.
  • If you have been a customer via third-party wine marketplaces in the past and do not currently have an account with us, we still have your points from 2022 and they will be active as soon as you Sign Up for a loyalty program account. The double rewards points will only apply to orders placed directly on our platform from the time of sign-up.