Iona Wines

Iona Wines

Iona vineyards are situated around 420m above sea-level in Elgin. Altitude, proximity to the cold Atlantic Ocean, cool sea breezes, extensive orographic cloud cover, high humidity and varied, complex soils, makes it a unique vineyard site in South Africa.

The prevailing South Easterly winds during the growing and ripening season, push cold air up over the vineyards, contribute to making it one of the coolest vineyard sites in the country.

The benefit of cool climates is that the grape cluster stays connected to the vine for longer, achieving physiological ripeness more gradually at lower temperatures. Acid degradation is slow and delicate aromatic compounds are retained at lower sugar levels and consequently lower alcohols.

Iona own and farm all their own vineyards as they believe GREAT WINES are grown in the vineyard.

Composting, physical weed removal, use of beneficial insects and bacteria, raptor poles, vine collars, cover crops between the rows and ground covers below the vines are some of the SUSTAINABLE TECHNIQUES they employ at Iona.