Miles Mossop Wines

Miles Mossop Wines

Miles Mossop Wines was established in 2004 with the vision to create wines unique in character, expressing the true nature of South Africa and the sites from which the grapes are sourced. It is a family business with Miles Mossop as winemaker and viticulturist.

Individual vineyards are sourced from all over the Western Cape of South Africa with their potential to produce unique and exceptional wines specifically for the various wine styles and blends which we produce in mind.

Production is limited to 80 tons in total which results in 1800 cases of white, 2200 cases of red and a limited amount of dessert wine being produced.

We aim to achieve wines with finesse and elegance but still showing aspects of power and fruit concentration, having great texture while maintaining balance.

These are truly handcrafted wines showing pure fruit expression and, more importantly, a sense of place.