Wolf & Woman Wines

Wolf & Woman Wines


      Wolf & Woman is a boutique winery that focuses on discovering the magic of the old vines in the Swartland and certain beautiful pockets of the Voor-Paardeberg and Piekenierskloof, that provide an exceptional expression of the schist, granite and iron soils.

      As shared custodians of the lands that house these old vineyards, they ensure that they partner with growers who farm sustainably in order to produce top-quality grapes without compromising the environment, and the vineyards in the long run.

      Winemaker Jolandie Fouche was born in Cape Town and raised in the Swartland, where she spent the larger part of her childhood roaming the farm and falling in love with the vineyards.

      The name "Wolf and Woman" represents the duality of nature and how it influences their wine. The wolf embodies the wild, untamed side of nature, while the woman represents the gentle, nurturing side. Together, they embody the balance that Jolandie seeks to achieve in her winemaking.