Wolf & Woman Wines

Wolf & Woman Wines

Wines by Jolandie Fourie.

After more than a decade of earning her stripes in the South African industry, Jolandie Fourie decided to turn her attention to her passion project, Wolf & Woman Wines, full time. Together with husband Gustav, they have setup a small, boutique winery focused on discovering the magic of the old vines in the Swartland (and certain beautiful pockets of the Voor-Paardeberg and Piekenierskloof) that provide an exceptional expression of the schist, granite, and iron soils in which they grows.

As shared custodians of the lands that house their vineyards, they also partner with growers who farm sustainably in order to produce top-quality grapes without compromising the environment, and the vineyards themselves, in the long run.

Great wine starts in the vineyard, and they believe their job is merely to guide the wine carefully through the cellar with minimum intervention. To this end, they only use indigenous yeast and no additives, except a touch of sulphur. Once ready, wines are then put to rest in a combination of neutral oak and concrete to amplify their sensory rhythms and cadence.

Making wine, is much like creating visual art, it is an emotional journey. In the same way that a unique cultural background and a singular series of personal experiences shape the work of an artist, it also has an impact on the wines an oenologist produces. By crafting a wine that tells their personal story, a winemaker invites you to take a glimpse at the world in the way they see, smell, and taste it themselves – filling a bottle with complex nuances and energies that provide a sensory snapshot of how they encounter this great, wild world.