Blankbottle Wines

Blankbottle Wines


“It’s our privilege to be the costume designer and screenwriter, to present this time capsule, a catalyst that brings people together, there to de-stress, entertain, – as the star headline act, in the privacy of your home.” -- Pieter Walser, Blankbottle Winemaker

There is something for someone with an open mind and an adventurous heart with Blankbottle Wines. Winemaker Pieter Walser is passionate about being able to tell stories through wine - both what's inside the bottle and what's outside-- and to provide an honest, personal taste with no preconceived expectations that come with certain vintages or styles. He works with great farmers and knowledgeable viticulturists across the Western Cape, and designs his own labels. 

In the 2020 harvest, Pieter and his team picked 165 tons of grapes from about 80 vineyards, 35 varietals -- anything from Fernao Pires to Cabernet Sauvignon; bottling well over 40 different wines, to showcase the different expressions of grapes and terroir in the Western Cape. 

Initially, Pieter's wines were once-off bottlings but as time went on, he has grown attached to certain vineyards and committed to showcasing them year-on-year. About 30% of the wines he bottles in a year are once-off and never made again, but if they perform well, they will stay on the portfolio.